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In a world where the last remaining beating heart of nature is under threat of being destroyed by the machines. you're the last remaining protector in the fellowship of the heart. And you mean Business!
Survive the infinite waves of enemies that come at you constantly, Maintain your ammunition and health to increase your chances of survival, and protect the last beating heart of nature.

Made by 

Brandon Miller: Lead Designer

Jay Miller: Level Design, Quality Assurance and balance testing, Sound Design

Lochie Perry-Scott: Lead Programmer

Dylan Clarke: Lead Artist

Joseph Cwiek: Secondary Programmer


The Keyboard Warrior.zip 34 MB

Install instructions

Extract game and run executable file in folder.


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Awesome effort! in the time we had Im impressed :D Looks great, you all really took the dark , low poly style aesthetic to heart aha, Also made quite a unique type of wave shooter.  If this game had unlockables in the future and a proper progression system like wave system, it would be an awesome title to sell imo. :D Great stuff.